MONITORING CIVIL: Organized transportation of voters, inaccessibility for persons with disabilities, advices for voting…

CIVIL’s second press conference at 12:30 pm

In primary school “Goce Delcev” in Tetovo, there are no signs for prohibited weapons, taking photos and recording in any of the polling stations.

At polling station 2767, 2769 and 2761/1 in primary school “Krume Kepevski” in Kisela Voda, the members of the Election Board do not have a badge, while the voting booth for persons with disabilities is not accessible or does not exist at all.

At polling station 2281 in primary school “Toso Arsov” in the settlement Makedonka in Stip, in coordination with an observer of a political party, an automobile with licence plates noted by CIVIL’s observer, was transporting voters from the settlement Balkanska. Another case of organized transportation of voters was noted also in Bitola.

At polling station 730 in the boarding house “Mirko Mileski” in Kicevo, the voting booth for persons with disabilities is in front of the ballot box, and at around 9 am there wasn’t a single member of the Election Board. After several minutes, CIVIL’s observer found all the members outside the building on a collective break.

At polling station 2290 in primary school “Toso Arsov” in the village Cardaklija in Stip, the voting booth was poorly positioned, hence it was not providing voting secrecy.

At the same polling station, two members of the Election Board were talking with a party observer about a voter who had announced that he would be outside the country. Then, they called the voter to ask him where he was and asked him to send a photograph as proof that he had travelled abroad.

At polling station 2241 in primary school “Toso Arsov” in Caska, an in-law voted for an elderly voter, who circled the ballot. The Election Board reacted and the event is registered in the minutes.

At polling station 2850 in primary school “Goce Delcev” in Center, the person presenting himself as president of the Election Board had an identification document of a person with another name and last name.

At polling station 1065 and 1068 in the Technical School “Nace Bugjoni”, there weren’t a total of three citizens in the Voters Register.

At polling station 2858 in secondary school “Josip Broz” in Center, the members of the Election Board are not wearing identification badges.

At polling station 2173/1 in the Central primary school “Blagoj Kirkov” in Veles, four voters were not figuring in the Voters Register. According to the statement of one of them, in the first round he and his wife had voted at that polling station, and now both of them cannot vote.

At polling station 1565 in primary school “Kiril i Metodij” in Probistip, a voter was allowed to help his wife vote, after which he told her out loud which number to circle and showed her with his finger where to circle, and nobody from the Election Board reacted.

At polling station 2884 in primary school “Adem Jasari” in Cair, two voters entered and a third citizen wanted to photograph them while they were voting. A member of the Election Board explained to them that they are allowed to take photos only outside the polling station, after which one of the voters publically – in front of all the members of the Election Board, circled the ballot and threatened them with the words: “The elections will end, so we’ll see each other afterwards!”.

At polling station 1730 in primary school “Nikola Vapcarov” in Strumica, two voters with valid ID cards, issued in March, did not figure in the Voters Register and were not able to vote.

At polling station 737/1 in primary school “Sande Sterjoski” in Kicevo, the door of the polling station was constantly closed and there was no booth for persons with disabilities.

At polling station 748 in the same school in Kicevo, the names of the voters were read out loud.

At polling station 2680/1 and 2683/1 in primary school “Blaze Konevski” in Aerodrom, there were no signs for prohibited weapons and prohibited using of a telephone.

At polling station 1108 in Opae, in the Municipality of Lipkovo, three members of the Election Board do not have badges.

At polling station 2318 in the village of Gorni Balvan, Karbinci, a voter with a valid ID card did not figure in the Voters Register.

At polling station 2280/1 in primary school “Goce Delcev” in Stip, five persons did not figure in the Voters Register.

At polling station 2900/1 in primary school “Idnina” in Cair, the voting booth for people with disabilities is positioned in such a way that does not provide voting secrecy.

At polling station 2242 in the village of Martolci in the Municipality of Caska, all the members of the Election Board are without badges.

At polling station 2176/1 in th primary school “Aleksandar Makedonski” in Aerodrom, a citizen who is in the procedure of obtaining a new ID card was not allowed to vote, even though she figures in the Voters Register, because she was not carrying with herself the certificate from the MOI. She was explained that she would be allowed to vote if she brings the certificate.

Polling station 731 and 732 in the Public Enterprise for Housing in Kicevo, are located on the second floor and are not accessible for people with disabilities. There are no divider screens for voting of people with disabilities.

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