Branka Kostic Markovic: Macedonia to become good news in the media!

Journalist and critic Branka Kostic Markovic on responsibility in historical moments:

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As an independent intellectual and socially responsible citizen, I know that I will vote because I would like to tell my son one day that I have participated in historically important moments for my country. Personally, I exercise freedom, the freedom to choose every day and I do not allow anyone to usurp my right.

However, if I should feel that this is the case, I would certainly do something to fight for that freedom.  I myself believe that I am doing a lot, but it is all of us who are needed for the bigger things, for the country. Therefore, I would recommend for everyone to go out and vote with their own free will and belief, and to finally make it to the central news of all the broadcasting services in the world with some good news, and not just with bad ones, and to be happy and proud that we had been part of that mosaic that made the good things.

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