WORLD Biden calls for unity in victory speech

President-elect Joe Biden addressed the deeply divided nation tonight, calling for unity and understanding after four years in power of President Donald Trump, who has so far shown no signs of planning to concede defeat.

“The time has come for America to unite,” President-elect Joe Biden said in his first speech since being declared the winner of the US election.

Biden gave the speech in Wilmington, Delaware, his permanent residence.

His performance was eagerly awaited across America yesterday, as thousands of citizens, mostly young people, gathered in the streets of major cities such as Philadelphia, New York, Washington and Atalanta to celebrate his victory in the afternoon.

“I promise to be a president who unites the nation. I am a Democrat, but I will work hard as an American,” he said.

“People have had their say, they have secured our victory,” Biden told the nation of Wilmington-Delaware.

“I want to be a president who will not divide, but unite, a president who does not see blue and red states, but the United States,” Biden said.

He announced that he would do his best to make America respected all over the world.

– I am Jill’s husband and I would not be here without her. “Jill will be a great first lady,” said the president-elect, adding that he would not be here tonight without the love of his wife, children, grandchildren and the whole family, Biden said.

He also thanked Camilla Harris, who was elected Vice President of the United States.

Biden also thanked everyone who made it possible for the elections to take place during the pandemic.

He stressed that he understands the disappointment of Trump supporters. – I lost several times. But now, let’s give each other a chance. This is a time for America to heal, said the former US Vice President.

– Let us be the nation we can be. I was elected by the Democrats but I will also be president for those who did not vote for me… We should stop looking at our opponents as enemies. To end the sad era of demonization, here and now.

To the supporters of the current president, Donald Trump, he said: Give us a chance. Biden then quoted excerpts from the Bible that end with the words “it’s time for healing.”

He said his administration would work hard and effectively with the US scientific community to defeat the pandemic, build prosperity and give “a fair chance to all”. That health care will be built and American democracy perfected.

Vice President-elect Kamala Harris, in announcing Biden’s performance, said that “a new day is being born for America.” Harris, a Democratic senator from California, is the first African-American woman to hold that position. She has Indian and Jamaican heritage.

– You have chosen hope, science and truth. “You have elected Joe Biden as the next president of the United States,” Harris said.

She described Biden as a stable and strong man, and said of his wife Jill that she would be a great first lady. She also thanked all the women who worked for women’s suffrage.

Harris also thanked her husband, mother and the whole family.

– I may be the first woman in this position, but I am not the last. Because this is a land of opportunity. Dream with ambition, she said.

– For Americans, no matter who you voted for. I will be Joe’s vice president, as Barack Obama was. emphasized the current senator.


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