ACTION Bachovska: We need to systematically strengthen media culture and media literacy

Jasna Bachovska, a university professor at the panel discussion “Pandemic and Infodemic” organized by CIVIL, stressed that media literacy is very important, but neglected, especially in higher education.

“I am too scared, I am very upset by some phenomena, I wonder what we are victims of, all those things are starting to bother us and we who work with this issue are not immune to it. We got extremely disoriented citizens, those young people with whom I work every day, I feel that they have a big problem with the perception of what is happening in society.

Media culture and media literacy need to be systematically strengthened, but that is the slowest way and that is why conservatives are hitting there exactly.

Very few people in Macedonia are legally illiterate, for years I’ve been struggling to bring a new subject, media law. We need smart and professional journalists, who have worked for health all their lives for example, we need them, they know the job, we do not have specialized journalists, we do not have a junior, they report in all categories “, added Bachovska.

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