COVID-19 Artists and activists with “Keep distance” action

The “Keep Distance” action has the purpose in the most direct and visually explicit manner to remind citizens to keep distance, to avoid crowds, to reduce handshaking and to minimize their contacts, and thus protect themselves and others from the hardship that has afflicted all of us with the COVID 19 pandemic.

“Through the action we want to remind citizens to respect the recommendations and to comply to the guidelines issued by the competent state bodies. We consider that in this situation prevention is most important, and that is why through the language of art we are trying to communicate messages for preventing the spreading of the dangerous virus”, say the activists.

“As artists and activists we cannot remain silent in such a situation and we believe that in these difficult days everyone should do what they know best, including here artists and activists who through their work can influence and inform the population about the measures that need to be taken for self-protection.

We are dedicating and granting this action to medics and health care workers who are fighting day-and-night to protect the public health. At the end, and according to the recommendations of the Ministry of Health, we would like to emphasize that in the preparation of this action there was no direct contact between the members of the group, but rather we worked in phases and sequentially, every person in a different phase in order to avoid direct contact, but also to prove that although it is difficult, things can be done in this manner as well.


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