DAILY BRIEF A step forward towards the future

In the center of today’s events is the NATO Summit, which according to the draft conclusions of the NATO Summit, Macedonia today receives an invitation to start the negotiations for membership in the Alliance and membership after completing all the internal procedures.

“In 2008 we decided that NATO would extend an invitation to FYROM for joining the Alliance once a mutually acceptable solution for the name issue was to be reached within the framework of the UN. We welcome the historic agreement between Athens and Skopje on the resolution of the name dispute. According to our policy, we have decided to invite the Government in Skopje to begin accession talks with the Alliance. Full implementation of all anticipated internal procedures in regards to the agreement on the resolution of the name dispute is a condition for a successful conclusion of the accession process”, is said in the draft conclusions.

Minister of Defense, Radmila Sekerinska, stated before the start of the NATO Summit in Brussels, that Macedonia today is correcting what it missed ten years ago.

“Today is a day when we can correct what we missed in 2008. I think that even in today’s discussions at the ministerial level on foreign affairs and defense, and at the prime ministerial level, it has become clear that one of the unmistakably most important decisions of this Summit will be the invitation that Macedonia will receive, said Sekerinska before journalists in Brussels.

Other news that have attracted the attention of the public is the arrest of the Mayor of the Municipality of Novo Selo, Boro Stojcev. Stojcev was detained late last night, and the event was confirmed also through an announcement of the Sector of Internal Affairs of Strumica. The announcement states that last night near the village of Badilen, two motor vehicles loaded with cartons of cigarettes had been stopped by police officers.

Today the anniversary of the genocide in Srebrenica is marked in Macedonia.

In the presence of a large number of citizens, representatives of institutions, MP’s, political parties, representatives of the Islamic Religious Community and associations, a commemoration for the victims of the genocide in Srebrenica was held last night in the premises of the Municipality of Cair, organized by the “Forum of Bosniaks”.

Within the framework of the commemoration, a group of citizens traveled to the Potocari Memorial Center in Bosnia and Herzegovina.

On the occasion of marking July 11 –Remembrance Day of the Srebrenica Genocide, today the President of the Assembly of RM, Talat Xhaferi, will meet with representatives of the Bosniak associations and Bosniak community in Republic of Macedonia.

A “March of Peace” will be held in the afternoon, for solidarity with the victims of the genocide in Srebrenica in 1995 and their surviving members of the family.

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