COVID-19 802 units of convalescent plasma collected to treat COVID-19 patients

The Institute for Transfusion Medicine has collected a total of 802 units of convalescent plasma for treatment of COVID-19 patients.

According to the Ministry of Health, 729 donors have donated plasma and thus far, 661 COVID-19 patients have received convalescent plasma treatment, which uses antibodies from recovered patients to treat the virus in new patients.

“We call on citizens who have been treated and recovered from COVID-19 to help patients currently fighting against the virus. When donating convalescent plasma, the antibodies of the recovered patients are used to suppress the disease in COVID-19 patients. Prospective convalescent plasma donors should present evidence that they have had COVID-19, have tested negative twice in the last 24 hours and have shown no symptoms in the past 21 days, after which they undergo a third test,” a press release of the Ministry of Health reads.

Recovered COVID-19 patients, it adds, who meet the criteria to donate plasma can set an appointment with the Institute for Transfusion Medicine by filling on its electronic form and help others beat the virus.

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