ДНЕВНИК (23:00) State of emergency, day 53: Measures remain in force, elections – June, July or when number of infected patients will be below 5% of number of tested for 14 days in a row …

POINTS DUI’s condition for holding elections is for OSCE observers to be present at the elections. This means that there is a possibility for elections never to be held in Macedonia and for them to remain in power. Smart proposal, be assured – points out Dzevdet Hajredini.

DEMANDS The Kumanovo Crisis Headquarters demands from the Government, in the most urgent procedure to adopt measures, protocols and recommendations for quick recovery of

economic entities, and recommends the mayor to return all services within the Municipality of Kumanovo back in operation, as well as public enterprises, in order to maintain the functionality of the municipality and the needs of the citizens.

INVESTIGATION Deputy Minister of Interior Slavjanka Petrovska has confirmed that several people from Struga who participated in last week’s religious service in the center of the city, have been summoned for questioning in the police station.

REVISION State auditors demand rules for paying membership fees to political parties to be equated, as the current manner of payment is regulated by internal acts that differ among parties, a recommendation in the reports published following the audit of accounts for the regular operations of VMRO-DPMNE, SDSM, DUI and BESA.

MEASURES All measures that apply at the moment remain in force and need to be respected. The Commission for Infectious Diseases and experts have not adopted a conclusion that the curfew should start being cancelled and other restrictive measures eased, says Deputy Minister of Health Armend Aslani.

ELECTIONS Damjan Mancevski, SDSM Vice President, considers that elections are possible in June, but in regards to the date they will not do anything that is contrary to the medical recommendations. The proposal is June 14, but if it is not possible to organize the elections then for some reason, then we will decide on another date.

“Realistically, as a ruling party, holding elections as soon as possible suits us, but we do not presume when to hold them. All aspects need to be taken into consideration and the possible second peak in September, and then to make a real decision on the date when the elections would be held even though some want this to happen between the two peaks” states Deputy Prime Minister for Economic Affairs Bujar Osmani, speaking also in the position of DUI representative.

On the other hand, regarding the possibility for holding elections, Deputy Minister of Health Arbend Aslani said that there will be room to discuss this topic when for 14 days in a row the number of patients will be below 5% of the number of tested.

Mayor of Gostivar Arben Taravari, then again, says that at the leaders’ meeting the Alliance for Albanians will go with the position that for the good of the citizens, the elections should be held at the end of July or beginning of August.

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